What Are We?

Civilian Operations Team Mission Statement 

To offer the ability for members to carry their role play to another level, to offer the ability for members to live out their role play life in a safe controlled environment, to live free and without fear, to live life on the inside.


To produce the largest Civilian Operations Department than any other civilian based community. 


Creating role play scenarios Creating scenarios that involve multiple resources Keep scenarios as realistic as possible Must utilize common sense when creating scenarios Must complete one scenario at a time Civilians will be responsible for all 9-1-1 Calls to Emergency services 9-1-1 Calls must be role played with 9-1-1 Operators Civilian must use the 3 levels of scenario building Easy contact Normal contact Hard contact 


Civilians must follow all community rules Civilians must follow chain of command Civilians must refrain from any type of role play that may be offensive to other members including but not limited to age, sex, sexual orientation,religion. All civilian must create and maintain a character profile, profiles will be tracked and maintained via MDT system and or google spreads.

-- What Do We Have To Offer? --

Miscellaneous Services - Things for Anyone to Do! 

As part of the Civilian Operations Team you may role play as any and all miscellaneous services; some, but not all, are listed below: 
-Taxi Driver                   -Limo Driver
-Store attendant           -Airport employee 
-Crossing guard           -Cleaning services 
-Construction Equipment operator 

You may also find more services to 
Apply for in the Civilian Jobs Page!