WestPort County RolePlay™ Rules:

§ 1. Common Sense

1.1 Do not search for loopholes in the rules, this may be punished. 
1.2 Respect everyone.
1.3 As soon as you leave the Discord for any reason, All Ranks and roles will be reset.
1.4 This is an American - English server. Please keep all messages in the English language so everyone here can talk with you.
1.5 Threats being made against an Individual will be punished.
1.6 Threats being made against personal belongings such as a PC, Laptop or any other Device will not be tolerated.
1.7 Whether on Discord, or In the Server, the abuse of your microphone will not be tolerated. Violations of this rule will lead to warnings/kick/ban.
1.8 If you claim that "just because you didn't know"' doesn't mean you won't get punished.
1.9 There shall be no discussion about any heated topics such as politics, decisions made by individuals, gender, etc...
1.10 Staff members will take any step to enforce the rules. Any decision made by staff will be seen as right unless proven otherwise.
1.11 Do not Tag the Community Directors. Violations of this rule will lead to warnings/kick/ban.

§ 2. Account/Character

2.1 Members of Staff are not allowed to join the server using any sort of fake name.
2.2 Only 1 Steam Account is allowed on the Server.

§3. Exploits, Cheats and Bugs

3.1 Client Side mods that give the player an unfair advantage (besides Lambda & Simple Trainer) are not allowed.
3.2 Also exempt from this rules are any Sound, Light or map improvements.
3.3 Exploiting any Game Bug will result in further action.

§4. Roleplay

4.1 Suit your Roleplay the environment its currently taking place in. That means, no High-class cars in Sandy Shores. No extremely elegant clothing in Sandy shores. It a poor town so act the part!
4.2 Your Roleplay may be offensive as long as it is solely for Roleplay. If any of it is being taken in OOC proper punishments such as bans will be handed out. 
4.3. While doing any sort of offensive Roleplay the consent from all the people participating is needed.
 4.4 Use common sense, if you wouldn't do it in Real-life, don't do it in-game. 
4.5 Vehicle Theft is not to be done using solely game mechanics.
4.6 Crimes may not be committed in any high populated area such as Streets, Police Department, Fire Department, Spawn any any other point. Staff takes the right, to declare any more places in-game.
4.7 Value your life. Do not reach for any sort of weapon if you have a gun pointed towards you unless it suits your roleplay (example; suicide by cop) 
4.8 Supercars are not allowed on the server. 

§ 5. RDM

5.1 RDM means Random Deathmatch. People should not be killed without any valid roleplay reason.
 5.2 RDM will be punished with kick or a ban.

§ 6. VDM

6.1 VDM means Vehicle Deathmatch. People should not be injured or killed with a vehicle at any given point.
6.2 VDM will be punished with a kick or a ban. 

§ 7. Meta-gaming 

7.1 Meta-gaming is a form of communication outside of the In-game Text or Voice chat. This includes gathering out of character information to use it in character.
7.2 Meta-gaming will be punished with a kick or a ban.

§ 8. Cop-baiting

8.1 Do not provoke anything that might end in a shootout, a pursuit or any other priority.
8.2 If your reason for a certain action is "I want to get chased" your roleplay is not valid and will be disregarded by LEO.
8.3 Cop-baiting will be punished with a kick or a ban.

§9. Combat Logging

9.1 Combat Logging is defined as re-spawning, killing yourself, quitting the game or any other thing to avoid any Roleplay situation. This is not allowed.
9.2 Combat Logging will be punished with a kick or a ban. 

§10. Police, EMS, Fire Dept. & any other Agencies

10.1 RTO Means Radio-Traffic-Only. No random talk shall be conducted in that channel.
10.2 Members of any of the above listed Entities must roleplay properly. 
10.3 Members of any of the above listed Fractions must be professional at any given time.
10.4 Members of any of the above listed Fractions have to respect and understand the fact, that they represent the Server. 
10.5 Anyone found to be Unprofessional in any of the listed Fractions will result in a kick/ban. 

§ 11. Staff

11.5 Members of Staff are chosen wisely by certain people, no one gets any sort of privilege.
11.6 Staff on Duty is not supposed to RP, they may not be disturbed either. 
11.7 Staff has the right to declare temporary rules to gain control over the server, even if they are not listed here 

(Additional Staff rules are in place. Those are only known to the staff team.)

§ 12. Multi-Clanning 

12.1 While a member of Staff or a high rank, You shall not be joining other discords/servers and getting a staff/high ranking position.
12.2 Members found in violation of this rule will result in warnings, kick, or ban. 

§ 13. Advertising

13.1 Advertising of any kind is not allowed.
13.2 This could be but is not limited to, discord invites of any kind, paid self-promotion, etc...
13.3 Violation of this rule will lead to warnings, kick, ban.

§ 14. Misc

14.1 Citizens are not allowed to drive any Emergency Vehicle.
14.2 Citizens are not allowed to impersonate any Agency.
14.3 You must obey Staff at any given time.
14.4 You must not Roleplay as a President of any Country unless given permission by Staff.
14.5 You must not Roleplay as any Military. Public or Private. It's not allowed on the server.
14.6 You must not Roleplay as any Hitman.
14.7 You are to not use any heavily armed or armored vehicles. These are not allowed on the server.
14.8 Aircraft flights are not allowed unless certified and scheduled with a member of Staff.
14.9 NLR (New Life Rule) is active on this server. Do not return to the point of death for the next 5 minutes. Classic NLR rules apply.

- - The rules may be changed at any given time. It is the players responsibility to keep him or herself updated.

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