Hello, our beloved members of the community of Westport. My name is John Wilson and as of now I am leading one of the few law enforcement agencies here. WCSO is a law enforcement agency, based on patrolling and protecting the civilians of the town of Paleto, Sandy Shores and Northern Los Santos. We are averaging 5 WCSO Deputies in the R.T.O. daily and the department will always accept those who show enough of an interest in it. We also provide full pension, a free weapon and safe experience patrolling with our reinforced vehicles. WCSO is one big family, where everyone looks out for each other, meanwhile joking around and having fun. We provide full working weapons, newest equipment and professional Supervisors and F.T.O.s to help you start your journey in this department. The training is simple, but also hard, depending on your past experience. You will enjoy your time in the WCSO and only one more thing is left for me to say, and it is THANK YOU for reading and showing interest in this agency. We do appreciate it. 

~Sheriff J. Wilson